Java Giants Newest Supervisors – What A February!!!

We couldn’t be prouder of the new Supervisor’s on our Java Giants Team! Keep up the GREAT work, and FULL SPEED AHEAD in the BMW CLUB!!!!


SUPERVISOR II – Alyson Jansen

SUPERVISOR I – Aaron Schmelczer, Derrick Morris, Bob Walker

February Consultants -Leadership is Everywhere!!!

Consultants are taking over!!! March is gearing up to be HOT!

CONSULTANT III – Jakal Diversified Fund

CONSULTANT II – Quang Ngo, Chaya Hamburger, Dot Boyd, Martin Weiss, Rosenfeld Const.,


Alec Reyes, Alyssa Barajas, Amy Alter, Anibal Estrada, Bradley Sauerbrei, Cayla Robertson, Chris Rios, Cynthia Doyle, Deanna Rossi, Diane Woods, Donna Moll, Ekaterina St.Onge, Janie White, Jennifer Suttie, Jill Mize, Joseph Filutze, Karen Christon-Burnette, Marlene Becker, Mildred Rentria, Moshe Katuna, Rayford Hudson, Rick & Virginia Keyes, Rob Vickrey, Robert Bundy, Shoshi […]

The STARS are SHINING! 34 New Ones through March 4th!

CONGRATULATIONS NEW JAVA GIANTS STARS! The Foundation To Success is 3 Members and you have done it in 30 Days!

Amy Alter, Ariel Nevitt, Ashleigh Wyatt, Cayla Robertson, Chaya Hamburger, Christopher Bricca, David Cole, David Jansen, Dene Peachy, Donna Moll, Elizabeth Cosentino, Emile Estassi, Faigy Segal, Francisco Ramirez, Gary Kline, Jake Fowler, Jorge Tinoco Morales, Karen Christon-Burnette, Karen Herzog, Matt Veloz, Michael Chiesa, Michaela Catahan Macias, Peggy Lee, Quang Ngo, Rayford Hudson, Residual To Go, Rick & Virginia Keyes, Robert […]


CONGRATULATIONS Kristin Ruegge of Clovis, California! The First BMW Driver of the area and a Huge Team Leader having parties all the time!  Rocketing from Manager I to Manager III and building success everywhere she goes – Way To Pioneer the area Kristin!

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    THE BMW CLUB EXPANDS AGAIN – January Supervisor Advancements

THE BMW CLUB EXPANDS AGAIN – January Supervisor Advancements

Momentum in Motion! And In Style – with our Growing BMW Club!

SUPERVISOR III – Robert Sanchez, David Shamah, Ephraim Neuman

SUPERVISOR II – Sarah Woodward, Mates Kohn

SUPERVISOR I –   Robert Walker, Dennis Benson

JANUARY – New Consultants!

Check Out These RISING LEADERS – New Consultant Rank Advancements for January!


Alyson Jansen, Aaron Schmelczer, Moshe Hirsch, Richard MacKinnon


Mordy Goode, Janey Mulas, Jill Sevier, Brian Geraghty, Yoel Weiss, Holly Gerchen, Stephen Thomas, Todd Beaty, Moshe Landau, Judy Elliott, Rebecca Williams, John & Gaby Dela Cruz


Joseph Sofer, Edwin Wachsler, Gary Michels, Sason Azar, Abby Elliott, Benzion Simon, Gitty Wieder, Moshe Friedlander, Christina Norman, Evelyn Hudson, Jillene Schroeder, Kelly Kimberlin, Kiss Catering, Xavier Magdaleno, Ryan Anderson, Mario Ballesteros, […]

San Jose JAVA GIANTS Anniversary Celebration with Stan Cherelstein & Andrea Gebhardt

April 12, 2014 – April 12, 2014

Map and Directions | Register
Description:Come Celebrate the JAVA GIANTS First Annual Celebration with President Stan Cherelstein along with JAVA GIANTS Leaders: Blue Diamond David Feinstein, Diamonds Rob and Rebecca Bunce, Directors Ray & Sue Thomas and Katherine Roggeveen and other HUGE Leader Black Diamond Andrea Gebhardt for this Incredible San Jose Celebration!
Tasting – 9:30am to 10am  /  Opportunity Presentation  10am – 11:30am /  Lunch Break 11:30am – 1pm / Advanced Training & Recognition 1pm-5pm […]

STARS from Dec 8 – Jan 11 – Total 58!!

The Newest Java Giants STARS – The Foundation of Success is the 3 in 30! Congratulations to you All!

Alyson Jansen, Annette Buckmaster, Bella Werzberger, Benjamin Tanenbaum, Brian Geraghty, Chaim Friedman, Chana Weiss, David Shamah, David Tzubeli, Denise Mulas, Ephraim Neuman, Gitty Wieder, Gloria Chambers, H & H Marketing LLC, Isaac Cohen, Jacob Fischel, Janine Montoya, Jeffrey Chen, Joseph Azar, Joseph Potestivo, Juan Maranon, Judy Elliott, Julia Hernstedt, Laurel Hawks, Leslie Takeda, Lisa Rodriguez, Maribel Fernandez, Martin Weiss, Mates Kohn, […]

DAVID FEINSTEIN – Blue Diamond – December

Fast on his way to ROYAL BLUE – and Beyond – this Leader is Unstoppable – flying Coast to Coast to Coast and in the TOP 5 in the COMPANY! WOW! What’s Next? We’re all coming too! SO PROUD OF YOU!


The NEWEST Diamonds to Javita’s Best of the Best – and the FIRST Diamonds under David Feinstein, this INCREDIBLE Pair show everyone what can be done – leading By Example, Full Commitment, and Great Capacity! WOW – They now share in the Global Wealth of Javita and are in the first TEN Diamonds EVER in Javita.  We are SO PROUD of YOU!


WOW! December was a HUGE MONTH – and Ray & Sue Thomas made it so as they Rocketed to Director II! I think I see DIAMOND in the New Year for this Incredible Pair and their growing team of LEADERS! So Proud!

KATHERINE ROGGEVEEN – Director II – December

What an INCREDIBLE Year of Leadership, putting the foundation for success in place, and now 2014 is the YEAR to Rocket! Diamond On The Way! SO Proud of her Team of Leaders and every step of success they have taken together!

JOSEPH AZAR – Director I – December

Record Breaking Growth!  In 26 days Joseph Azar rocketed into Director I as the fastest ever in Javita! Welcome to Java Giants and SO Excited for your Team and incredible success!

LORI LOOMIS – Manager III – December

With a NEW BMW and a HUGE and GROWING team – Lori Loomis is In It To Win It and showing us all how it’s done – With Fun and Faith! SO PROUD OF YOU!

KRISTIN RUEGGE – Manager I – December

Fresno and Clovis have their LEADER! Kristin Ruegge brings Commitment, Spirit and Success to all of her Team and gets it done – Way to Go! SO PROUD of YOU!

CYNTHIA REYES – Manager I – December

Cynthia Reyes is Leading a Team of Success – and has a Brand New BMW to Shine In and Ride In! SO PROUD of this incredible leader!

MANAGERS – December

WOW — FOUR NEW MANAGERS in December and others Rank Advancing!!

MANAGER III – Lori Loomis, Slim Cafe

MANAGER II – Yeshaya Kaufman, Edward Shapiro

MANAGER I – Noreen Kertzman, Cynthia Reyes, Kristin Ruegge




SUPERVISOR III – Matt Bejar, Pamela & Drew David

SUPERVISOR II  – Robert Bennett, Richard Goore, Norman Feinstein, Ephraim Neuman, Elisa Francis, Robert Sanchez

SUPERVISOR I – Karen Abude, Jeannie Fowler, Jovance Salon & Spa, Jennifer & Buzz Buserini, David Kaplan, Kay & Robert Cain, Ken & April Goore, Betsy Klein Palumbo, Matt & Trinity Crosby, Michael E. Parker, Susan & Angel Flores, Cheryl Riemer, Sally Feeney, Bella Werzberger