Gerwin Yu- Supervisor March

Congratulations Gerwin! Way to go!! 10 DAY Supervisor- WOW! Welcome to the BMW CLUB!

Reggie & Mitch Miniano- Supervisors March

Congratulations to yet another power couple on Java Giants! We are so proud that you are on our team, this is only the beginning!

Consultants- March

These incredible Java Giants have now rank advanced so that they leverage their time AND income! Many are so close to earning their Javita BMWs!

Consultant […]

STAR 7- March

Boom! Huge congratulations to those that accomplished Star- and did it in record time! These Star 7s are the future leaders that set the pace […]

STARS- March

Congratulations for everyone that took the first steps of success by becoming Star!!! Stars are the lifeblood of Javita!

Inversiones Hu Sport Llc, Rhia De La Cerna, Raymond […]

Top Member Enrollers- March

Jiel Rubio, Maria Dulce Meneses, Marie Len Camarao, Helen Hidaka, Joseph De Guzman, Buenas Supermart, Josephine Sarcilla, Rita Santiago, Mary Jane Mancao, Jenniff P. Libunao

Top Customer Enrollers- March

Sheila Jareno, Dena Panzarella, Michael Melendez, Andy & Joy Gutierrez, Maria Rosita Asis, Iliana Pacheco, Uranio Delos Santos, Aileen Rose Kho, Peggy Franca, Josefina Acantilado

Top Enrollers- Lifetime of Java Giants!

These ten individuals are the ULTIMATE Java Giants! These amazing leaders set the pace for everyone, way to lead by example!

Jiel Rubio, Matsuo Misuzu, Claudio Modillas, Hazel Bagube, Karizza & […]