Consultants- November

These incredible Java Giants have now rank advanced so that they leverage their time AND income! Many are so close to earning their Javita BMWs!

Consultant […]

STAR 7- November

Boom! Huge congratulations to those that accomplished Star- and did it in record time! These Star 7s are the future leaders that set the pace […]

STARS- 132 in November!

Stars continued to shine bright in November! Congratulations for everyone that took the first steps of success by becoming Star!!!

Debra Kent, Fung Wah Cheng, Jasmin Levitch, Karen Crutcher, Sherilyn […]

Top Member Enrollers- November

Florabel Trewhella, Rogelio & Marisa Ferolino, Future4 Enterprise, Carmelita Postadan, Marissa Colangelo, Pierre Jeilison Cruz, Zarah Lynn Alaan, Emilie Ogean, Gay Sevilla, John Lowery

Top Customer Enrollers- November

Gay Sevilla, Michael Melendez, John Lastella, Matsuo Misuzu, Jnm Enterprises, Inc., Jocelyn Welsh, 4urlife, Jillene Schroeder, Gerard White, Alberta Soriano

Top Enrollers- Lifetime of Java Giants!

These ten individuals are the ULTIMATE Java Giants! What an amazing accomplishment from these incredible leaders! Way to lead the way for others!


Joseph Azar

Kristin Ruegge

Susan […]