STAR 7- October

Boom! Huge congratulations to those that accomplished Star- and did it in record time! These Star 7s are the future leaders that set the pace […]

STARS Shining Bright!- October

Stars continued to shine in October! Congratulations for everyone that took the first steps of success by becoming Star!!!

Rizza Go, Amano Hitomi, Gilbert Reyes, Robert Balagot, Nobeoka Sachiko, Celeste Williams, Jorge […]

Top Member Enrollers- October

Homer Rabulan, Karizza & Eugenio Asper, Rizza Go, Karen Villarino, Gilbert Reyes, Edmundo Reyes, Raul Pimentel, Claudio Modillas, Felita Agbisit, Alvin Sanchez

Top Customer Enrollers- October

Michael Melendez, My Healthful Alternatives, Arlynn Casanada, Sheila Penalosa, Marie Noe, Carold Gantuangco, New You Cafe, Ellaine Queen Balo, Jennifer Blake, See Chang

Top Enrollers- Lifetime of Java Giants!

These ten individuals are the ULTIMATE Java Giants! What an amazing accomplishment from these incredible leaders! Way to lead the way for others!


Joseph Azar

Kristin Ruegge

Susan […]