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Thursday, February 11th

BOM 02-11-16

Spring 2016 Philippine Tour


Thursday, March 17th

An evening with Javita’s President/CEO
Stan Cherelstein


Pre-Register by February 29th for Discount!

Event kick off with a B.O.M. on Friday,
April 1st @ 7 p.m.
Training commences on Saturday, April 2nd @ 8 a.m.

West Coast Regional-C

We are excited to announce the Javita West Coast Regional Event Spring 2016!  Independent Javita members from across the nation will travel to participate in this incredible training event brought to you by Top Diamond Leadership and Top Javita leaders.

Helene Sarcon -- Manager II

Congratulations to Helene Sarcon for becoming Java Giant’s newest Manager II.
She’s not letting the cold Canadian winter freeze her progress!!


Again Java Giants are topping the company charts for the month!!!

#1 Manager: Helene B. Sarcon
#1 Director: Kristin Kircher Ruegge
#1 Diamond: Jiel Lerio Rubio

Let’s give them a huge shout out for this major accomplishment!!!

Jiel and Ronnie Rubio 

Congratulations to our very own
#1  Top Enrollers
Blue Diamonds
Jiel & Ronnie Rubio!!

Your willingness to drive many miles or meet via webinar shows us what it takes to become better leaders!!

Leah Lacea

Myla Baldevia

Crezel Paloma








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