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JG Weekly webinar 05-15-16


Tour Time!

Fantastic 5 North American Tour




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It’s Javita’s 5th Anniversary — Get Your Game Face On and Share in the $50,000  Promotional!

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 Up for a challenge?

Coffee Diet Challenge

Spring is here, which means so are tanks, tees and tankinis.  Time to get water ready, swimsuit svelte and and “fit” for your time in the sun. Looking for company? For motivation? For a little incentive?

Not to worry–Javita has all that and more with our next Coffee Diet Challenge.

And with more than 2,000 lbs and hundreds of inches dropped in our first contest, we have no doubt that spring will bring even bigger results.




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Congratulations to Java Giants #1
Top Team Enrollers:  Jiel Rubio and Helene Sarcon (Tie)

Jiel and Helene

Congratulations to Java Giants
New Supervisor and Top Customer Enroller
Wendee Wilson!!

Wendee Wilson

Celebrating April’s Top Enrollers!

April Top Enrollers

Did you know Javita has a video for customers to use at 3&FREE parties?  Simply visit to see the video and use at your next 3&FREE Party.

3 and Free - April

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Our mission is to combine Health, Wealth and Success with the Javita opportunity. Javita is quickly becoming the premier coffee company in the direct sales industry. Join the global momentum of the Java Giants today!